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Why Now ?



There is an old expression:  "Everything happens for a reason and everything happens at its intended time".


For over 70 years, the largest collection of items of Judaica that were stolen from Jewish communities throughout Europe have been held in countries of the former Soviet Union.  The largest of all Jewish Organizations, the most powerful and influential of politicans from around the world, the best connected business persons in the Commonwealth of Independent States and the greatest experts from around the world have tried without success to locate, document and restore these items.


From 2011 to now, a small group of "regular" Jews from Florida came together with some of the world's leading experts in Holocaust education and museums and a group of Rabbis from Russia, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Cyprus and the United States.  


The timing was right.


The Government officials in Russia were cooperative and recognized the importance of restoring the Judaica, which could be used to help strengthen Jewish communities in the own country and bring honor to their country.


The result was that The Foundation has successfully located, documented and started to restore 113 Torahs from the Regional Universal Scientific Library of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.  


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