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Message of Foundation President Sibyl Silver


When my husband Bob (Alav HaShalom) and I started to try to find the Torahs in Russia, we did not know if we could find them and even if we found them what we could do with them.


Unfortunately Bob (ob"m) died last year, just before we made the big breakthrough that got us to this point.


You and I now have the ability to move all 113 Torahs from non-Jewish hands into Jewish hands.


We now have the ability to repair the Torahs so that they can be used in synagogues or so they can be used in Museums to educate the world about the Holocaust.


Most organizations solicit money to help them do all the good things that they do.


The Foundation does not need only money.


The Foundation needs you, each of you, your synagogues, your day schools, your Yeshivas and your community to get involved.


The first part of The Project is:

Start to fix the 113 Torahs.


The second part of our project is:

Get some of the Torahs into Museums -  like Yad VaShem or the US Holocaust Museum in Washington or the Jewish Museum & Tolerance Center in Moscow – so that we can exhibit them and show the world what was stolen from us; what the Russians preserved; and how our heritage and the central symbols of our Jewish existence – Torahs - have survived  the Holocaust and can be used to strengthen our communities.


The third part of our project is:

Get the Torahs into the hands of Jewish communities that need them and also to get them to the Israel Defense Forces where soldiers will be able to have Torahs with them as they fight for Israel's survival.


What The Foundation wants from you is this:

  • Communities should host events where our speakers can explain what we have discovered and how your community can be part of restoring Torahs and other Jewish heritage items. Note:  If your community is interested in hosting an event, contact us.

  • Synagogues and communities around the world should adopt each of the Torahs. Note:  If your synagogue or community wants to adopt a Torah, contact us.

  • Jewish museums  should host exhibitions of the Torahs.  Note:  If you have a Jewish Museum in your community and would like to host an Exhibition, contact us.

  • Universities should establish seminars and host conferences about the new abilities to achieve restitution.  Note:  If you are affiliated with a University and would like your Univeristy to host a seminar or conference, contact us.

  • Individuals should contribute and sponsor letters, words, sentences, weekly portions, entire books and entire Torahs.


Please help us save a Torah.


Please help us restore Jewish communities that were destroyed during the Holocaust.


Please help us find homes for these Torahs .


Call or email us as soon as you can so we can plan how you and your community can help us save these Torahs and strengthen Jewish communities.


Thank you for your patience and for all your support.



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