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Everybody Can Help Save and Write a Torah and Fulfill This  "Mitzvah" !


Mitzvah / Commandment # 613 is to Write a Torah.


After Moses wrote the Torah, G-d commanded him to write 12 exact copies and give them to each of the tribes.
















The Foundation will restore as many of the Torahs as they can.  The Foundation's scribes have already informed us that 70 - 80 % of the 1st 113 Torahs can be restored and then returned to synagogue use.  That presents an incredible opportunity for EVERYONE to be part of this mitzvah. By restoring these Torahs, we are not just fulfilling the last mitzvah that G-d commanded of us all. We are also bring back to life the Torahs that were ripped from our synagogues and in some instances from the hands of Holocaust martyrs.  People will be able to sponsor a letter, or a word, or a sentence, or an aliyah (paragraph), or a weekly Torah portion or an entire book of the Torah or an entire Torah itself.


Monies received from sponsorship of the Torahs will be directed and returned to Jewish educational programs, schools and communities.  


In this way, the sponsors are able to not just fulfill the Mitzvah, will not just be part of the history or restoring Holocaust Torahs . . . they will also be part of a long term program of strengthening Jewish communites, the first of which is  the Jewish School and Community in Nizhny Novgorod.  Without them, none of this would be possible.

Sponsorship Levels


Help Write a Letter / Word / Line / Column / Weekly Portion 

Help Dedicate an Entire Sefer Torah, a Mantel Cover, a Crown or Pointer

Host Torah for Bar/Bat Mitzvah Event or a Weekend Event

Be part of the Documentary (

For more information, contact Sibyl Silver, President, directly at +1.561.866.0771 or


  • Sponsors of letter, word, line and column will receive special certificates and commemorative photos. 


  • Sponsors of higher levels - weekly portions, entire book, entire Torah, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Event, Museum Event will have their names inscribed on Mantel Covers and will be invited to accompany the Torahs as they travel the world to promote Jewish and Holocaust education and heritage. Note: Sponsorships are not restricted to these specific Torahs but go to all projects and other Torah recoveries.


To Donate Through a Secure Paypal Page:  Click on this LINK

(or go next subpage for form to fill out and return)


Note: Foundation 501(c)(3) Application filed Sept 18, 2015 by Fox Rothschild. Contributions are 100 % Tax Deductible and all funds support educational programming in sponsor and Eastern European communities where Torahs were stolen or recovered.  Foundation Auditor is Elliott Starman CPA of BDO, LLC.

All Photos on this page are protected by copyright laws and belong to The Jewish Heritage Foundation Inc. and Will Tizard of AskFilm.

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