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Help Us Find The Heirs


It was originally thought that we would not be able to identify the original donors or owners of the Torahs or the communities from which they were stolen.  As it turns out, we were wrong.  

First, we were able to identify many of the original donors or owners of the Torahs because of markings on the Etzei Chayim. 


















Second, we have been able to trace some of the collections by the labels / plagues.  

Third, our scribe experts have informed us that they can identify the region, town and

possibly even the precice synagogue from which the Torah was stolen because of the

unique nature of the script / writing style for the Torah.  We need your help !


Heirs for one of the Torahs have already been identified.


Do You Know Any of These Families of Names ?


''אחיים סמיצקאור - Smitzkoryei Brothers


 סיפר - Sifer, Seyfer or Seefer Family


יחיאל וואראנאו - Family of Yechiel Varnau


יהודה לייב הכהן - Family of Yehuda Lieb HaCohen


If you do know or think you know any of these families, please contact the Foundation immediately so we can reach out to the heirs or their families and try to start the process of re-uniting them with their loved ones Torah and return the Torah to its sacred religious and educational use.  


In the days, weeks and months to come, we will be publishing more of the names of the original donors or owners of the Torahs.

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