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What People Are Saying About The Foundation's Efforts !


“The restoration of these Torahs is something we have worked for many years. 

Many of the Torahs come from Hungary.  The transfer of the Torahs is nothing

short of a miracle.  There has never been a discovery of this magnitude, let

alone the ability to restore our sacred objects and return them to service. 

Torahs that were stolen from Holocaust victims from Hungary can now be used

to help strengthen Jewish communities worldwide.  There can be nothing more

important that that.”   Rabbi Boruch Oberlander - Orthodox Chief Rabbi of Hungary

& Head of Orthodox Rabbinical Council of Budapest.


"It has been my wish to be able to use the Torahs.  Yet, I was never able to do

anything until now.  We are inspired to restore the Torahs.  Restoring the Torahs

has great meaning and significance to us in Nizhny Novgorod.  We will be able to

bring honor to the Regional Authorities who have been so helpful to helping restore

Jewish lfe in Nizhny Novgorod and for their preserving the Torahs.  We will be able

to use sponsorship monies to help expand our Day School from 90 to 200 students. 

And, this is just a start.   The families that gave their lives to save these Torahs

are now a part of saving our community and Jewish families 75 years later."

Rabbi Shimon Bergman, Rabbi Jewish Community of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


“Sibyl Silver, and her husband of blessed memory, Bob, have been working to redeem these Torah scrolls for a number of years

and I feel honored and privileged that in the last few years they included me in their efforts. Redeeming a captive is among the

greatest and most noble mitzvahs in our tradition.  These precious Torah scrolls were violently stolen from the Jewish community

of Hungary and held captive. Their return to our people and their restoration and return to use is a fantastic affirmation of the

resiliency of Judaism and how Torah and its messages remain timeless and relevant.  These Torahs are the story of the Jewish

people themselves. Sometimes displaced and even worn out but never gone.  We look forward to participating in the celebration

surrounding the return of these Torah’s and please God many more”.  Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, Boca Raton Synagogue, Florida.


“I have dedicated my life to programs that preserve the memories of the martyrs and help people around the world learn from the horrific suffering and tremendous strength of the people who endured the Holocaust.  This is one of the most exciting and incredible projects on which I have ever been asked to consult.  It is truly miraculous what they have done and what they are poised to do.  These Torahs can become the basis upon which countless Jews and non-Jews can learn about faith, belief in G-d and the value of those beliefs.  I will be honored to help organize the exhibitions of the Torahs.  This is the beginning of a new era in Holocaust Restitution & education.”  Prof. Michael Berenbaum, Los Angeles, CA.


"As Lead Counsel in the French Bank Holocaust Cases, and as one of the Counsel in the Hungarian Holocaust and other Restitution Cases, I have had a longstanding concern that no effective action has yet been taken to recover the thousands of pieces of Judaica, religious and cultural property that was plundered from Jewish communities throughout Eastern Europe. Now something is finally being done to correct this terrible injustice. The Foundation has made an historic breakthrough in finding, authenticating and restoring 113 Torahs in Nizhny Novgorod.  It is a privilege for me to serve as special counsel to the Foundation to start to take action any country that does not follow Russia's lead to make sure that those countries permit inspections and research at their museums, libraries, universities and archives.  I have no doubt that within 5 years – before the 75 Anniversary of the End of World War II – Torahs, manuscripts, Judaica, religious and cultural property will be returned to their rightful owners.”  Kenneth F. McCallion Esq., New York, NY


"Words cannot describe the emotions that I felt when I came face to face with Torahs that were last held by Holocaust victims and kept in synagogues that were destroyed by the Nazis.  To be able to restore the Torahs that were stolen by the Nazis 70 + years ago and have them once again read in shuls, displayed in museums and given to communities that need a Torah - is my quest and it was the quest of my beloved husband Bob." Sibyl Silver of Boca Raton, FL.




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