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Most people think the struggle for restitution is over.   Nothing could be further from the truth.


Torahs, megillahs, manuscripts, candelabras, kiddush cups, artwork, tapestries and other Judaica are still held in museums, libraries, university collections, archives and other government owned and sponsored institutions in what used to be considered Eastern Europe.


These are the heart of the Jewish people.  They are the souls of 6 million martyrs and their communities.

By rescuing, restoring and returning these precious treasures to Jewish communities we help resurrect their memories and return to life the martyrs, the lost communities and Jewish people, forever.   

For the 1st time ever, it is possible to join in a project to locate, recover, restore and return the items to their owners or to use in synagogues, schools, community centers and museums.

Stolen Torahs, Judaica and other of our cultural & religious treasures are held by almost every former Eastern European country and other countries around the world.


Special thanks to the Russian Government and Officials in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.  They preserved Judaica and are among the first to help restore Judaica to Jewish Communites.

The Jewish Heritage Foundation was Co-Founded by Robert Silver (Reuven Lieb ben Yizhak) ob'm, husband of Sibyl Silver.

May his name and memory be for good.

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